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‘In the beginning…’

Chapel House – is a place of retreat providing those involved in Christian mentoring or leadership with a peaceful space to rest and find spiritual refreshment.

Situated in the beautiful rural fringes of Worcester, the chapel provides a relaxed and comfortable backdrop for weary guests to unwind and seek prayerful encouragement and restoration. Continue reading “‘In the beginning…’”


Arrested, I stop and gaze,

At the beauty that lies before.

Captivated, each breath,

Returns in a haze of compelling light.

A golden mist rolls in to the shore.

Caught between life and death. Still. Absorbed.

My whole being, enthralled,

Awakened to heightened senses.

Entranced, each rhythm,

Your name is called, from deep inside.

Breaking away all my defences.

Called from death to life. Redeemed. Restored.

Ashley Vaughan : July 2015

What I see 960px

Mosaic 72dpi

‘I just thought it was a God filled, spiritual journey that no amount of words could describe. A tapestry which started with a single golden strand and finishing as one beautiful, colourful picture, stitched by each person, each with their own colourful thread created with love and friendship and culminating with God’s perfect love for each one of us.’

The Great Collision

Everybody 72dpi

‘Capturing the moment…’

I’m not sure I can find the right words to express the weekend experience. Everything was far, far above any expectations I might have imagined. To define it all is a bit beyond me.
The Grace of God, the delicate but so powerful move of the Holy Spirit, the love and hospitality shown by Paul and Jane and the overall ‘oneness’ that happened through the leaders of each group and all those who participated. The sense of God’s presence throughout the group presentations which overflowed into the communion time was just beautiful beyond description. I would love to go again, but would like all of my church to go first!

‘Life Changing’

I would love to go again, but would like all of my church to go first!

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