Tissue Collage 1 960pxImage Making : The aim of this group is to explore a creative response to the theme using different materials and media in image making. A limited range of materials will be available…please bring with you specific items which you think may be helpful e.g paints, glue, magazines, iPad etc.

18 July, 2015 : Sessions 1-4

Working outside under a gazebo  group began with a brief introduction to the theme and the resources available. Exemplars provided a stimulus for participants, who spent some time examining work. This included paintings, prints, photana 960pxographs etc. as well as actual work under development in response to the theme. Participants then spent some time developing ideas before embarking on their own work. Some people worked under the gazebo, whilst others found their own space in other parts of the garden / Chapel. The glorious weather was an added bonus helping work to dry more quickly.

The work illustrated (right) evolved from an initial interest in a particular technique. The finished outcome was influenced by the materials…even to the extent of a change in the verse that was ultimately incorporated in the work itself.

Fran 4x1

This work (above) was the result of some considerable reflection, note taking, sketches etc. long before the artist began work using a range of materials. This is part of a series (seven panels) and has been produced using mixed media (printmaking, paint, collage, digital etc.).

artists at work 960px