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‘Freedom is the Wind

‘Freedom is the Wind’ : Joan Collier

This work demonstrates how the artist combined poetry with printmaking.

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‘The return of the monarch to my throne’

My Lord!

I bow before Your Majesty.

You tend me.

I reverence The “I Am”.

You replenish me.

I regard Your Wonder.

You insist – Rest; Rest; Rest!

I quake in Your Omnipresence.

And we wander, by the stream

With darting trout and drooping fronds.

I kneel before My Creator

You take my hand

You lift me to Your lap.

Avril Kemp 2015

Psalm 23 : The Theme

The theme for the retreat itself was in some respects twofold. The essence of the weekend focused on Psalm 23 which provided an ideal passage for reflection. However, its true that we are all on a journey…each of us at different stages as we seek to become more like Jesus. Continue reading “Psalm 23 : The Theme”

Finding your Voice

Will Sutton - Homefree 960px

The thing is we’re all on a journey and we process things in different ways…because we’re all different. One of the great things about a creative retreat – when you can step back from the ‘stuff of life’ – is that it gives us the opportunity to look at things in a fresh way…a different way.  Continue reading “Finding your Voice”

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